FoodNavigator-USA Summit: Food for Kids

November 18-20, 2019

In its second year, the FoodNavigator-USA Summit 2019: FOOD FOR KIDS is truly inspiring and brings together an incredible level of engagement from stakeholders from right across the food supply chain.

We’ve got an amazing line-up of speakers at this year’s summit, from new brands such as Freeli Foods, Brainiac Kids, Tiny Giant, Yumble and Serenity Kids; to established players, from Chobani and Kraft Heinz to Ocean Spray and Mondelez.

Our first consumer panel during the inaugural summit in 2018 was a big hit, followed by our trailblazers segment – which celebrated three emerging brands developing food for kids – while the next two days provided a thought-provoking mix of science, consumer insight, food consumption data (what are kids actually eating?), and expert advice on formulation, branding and marketing. This years summit will include all that and added session on kids’ palates, the science of epigenetics, and the challenges of product testing with kids.

Download the FoodNavigator-USA Summit 2019: FOOD FOR KIDS Advance Program.

A must-attend event for any company formulating, marketing, or retailing foods or beverages for kids, toddlers, babies, or expectant moms, the FoodNavigator-USA Summit 2019: FOOD FOR KIDS will explore the branding, nutrition science, and politics swirling around what we’re feeding our kids, and share what successful players are doing in this space.

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