Brian Levy

CEO, Pulse Health & Wellness

Brian has more than 15 years’ experience in health and wellness marketing and works with consumer packaged goods companies to promote healthy brands to consumers through health professionals.  His clients include Kellogg, Stonyfield, Barilla, PepsiCo and Nestlé.

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The most trusted source: Earning brand recommendations from pediatric professionals

The clutter and clamour of health information has consumers confused and questioning their choices. Through all the conflicting information, conversations with health professionals remain the most trusted source of guidance for consumers – particularly moms and dads. Pediatric professionals regularly discuss nutrition with parents, and they are eager to share information and product recommendations with them. This presentation explains how marketers can tap into these trusted conversations and earn professional recommendations for their healthy food brand.

  • What are they talking about? The current pediatric landscape and the conversations professionals are having with parents.
  • Does it change what they buy? The unique role played by pediatric professionals in parental buying decisions.
  • Engagement and education. How to build trust in your healthy food brand and earn recommendations from professionals to parents.
  • In on the action? Putting your brand at the center of face-to-face conversations between pediatric professionals and millennial moms and dads.