David Kyle

Chairman and Chief Science Officer, Evolve Biosystems

David is a thirty-year biotech veteran and the co-founder of a range of successful companies in the field of nutrition and health.  He combines a distinguished scientific background with significant commercial acumen, has published over 70 scientific articles, edited two books and is the named inventor on over 250 patents.  He was inducted into the US Technology Hall of Fame in 2009 for his contributions to science and industry.

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Turn back time:  Recovering 100 years of deterioration in the infant gut microbiome

Babies being born in the USA today don’t have the same microbiome as babies born 100 years ago.  Increasingly absent is the single commensal species that, through its unique ability to consume Human Milk Oligosaccharides, underpins every child’s ability to thrive.   In his presentation David draws upon more than twenty years of research to explain how the near extinction of the commensal species has come about, the implications for infant and long term health, and how that extinction can be reversed.

  • How did we get here? How infant formula, antibiotics and C-sections have compromised the infant microbiome
  • Why this is a bad place to be. Threats to long term human health through disruption of the immune system
  • Where do we go from here?   New data reveals how we can turn back time and restore the infant microbiome