David Lemley

Founder, President & Chief Strategist, Retail Voodoo

David’s mission is to help better-for-you brands win customer’s hearts, minds, and souls. He partners with marketers, investors, and founder-owners to unlock the power of their brand’s promise to engage consumers, spark innovation, identify opportunity, and drive exponential growth. As brand strategist he has had a creative and strategic hand in shaping some of the world’s most iconic and fastest-growing food, beverage and wellness brands including Essentia Water, Sahale Snacks, Starbucks, HighKey Snacks, Dry Soda, Anser!. David is also the author of the book of Beloved & Dominant Brands.

David’s presentation will be on: How to Build Better-for-You Brands That Appeal to Kids (and their parents)

Visit the website: www.Retail-Voodoo.com

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