Fred Hart

Creative Director & Partner, Interact

Fred Hart is a Partner & Creative Director at Interact Boulder – an entrepreneurial branding and packaging firm at the heart of the natural food and beverage industry. Obsessed with the good food movement, his team helps usher in a revolution during the changing of the guard in consumer packaged goods.

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Building a kids brand: What we can learn from clowns & alcohol

The children’s food market is expected to reach nearly $41 billion this year. Drawn by all that opportunity, droves of entrepreneurial parents are pouring into the space like spilt milk, creating a vast sea of overlapping, good-to-do brand stories. But there are issues that can’t be ignored. Strict regulation around marketing to children dictates what can and can’t be claimed. Buying decisions are rarely made by children themselves and the real buyers – parents – are among the most impassioned, demanding and challenging consumers you’re ever likely to meet. For too long, food companies have adopted simplistic – even childish – approaches to kids’ brands and, as a result, have failed to achieve the sales or brand engagement they hoped for.  So how can we do this differently and better?  Fred has some very grown up thoughts about that…

  • Why your parents are always right. We speak to Moms and Dads about what turns them on to kids’ brands (and what doesn’t)
  • Why you shouldn’t wear a clown suit to a black tie event: How to create brands that stand out without alienating people
  • Why it’s not a bad idea to turn to the bottle. Important lessons kids brands can learn from the alcohol industry (hear me out…)