Jessica Levison

Founder, Peekaboo Ice Cream

Jessica began her unlikely career after graduating from The University of Michigan Ross School of Business and New York Law School.  She spent several years as an attorney and experimenting with an at-home ice cream maker at night. She enrolled in Penn State’s Ice Cream Short Course and opened Serendipity Creamery in Miami. While gaining praise for her professional pursuits, she came home to a family of picky eaters. The idea struck to slowly sneak increasing amounts of veggies into their ice cream in amounts that would be nutritionally significant, but imperceptible in taste. After six years, Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream was launched in the summer of 2018. Peekaboo’s business model is based on sustainable sourcing of ingredients, low environmental impact, equal economic opportunities for women and minorities, and regularly giving back to social causes.

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