Melanie Kahn

Founder and CEO, Poppilu

Melanie is an experienced marketer who got her training at Kraft and Sara Lee. Prior to creating Poppilu, she nationally launched the fairlife® dairy brand and acquired a joint venture partnership with Coca-Cola Co. It was this incredible start-up journey that inspired Melanie’s interest in entrepreneurship. Melanie founded Poppilu in 2017 as a result of an insatiable pregnancy craving for citrus. Unsatisfied with the available sugary-sweet, not-so-citrusy beverage options, Melanie set out to create Poppilu: an accessible brand that maximizes citrus refreshment in a healthier way for everyone to enjoy. Poppilu was named after her daughter Poppy who sparked the pregnancy craving. Melanie received her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and MBA from Duke University.

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