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Mary Ellen Shoup from FoodNavigator USA will sit down with Danny Stepper, CEO & Co-Founder of LA. Libations and Tom Burkemper, Sr. Director, DMM – Beverages & Perishables/Fresh Foods at Walgreens to discuss the innovating and exciting beverage industry and set the stage for the panel discussion. The expert panel will look at how best to position kids’ beverage brands, and explore:

  • What are young children drinking vs what should they be drinking?
  • What’s the sweet spot for sugar levels in beverages that kids enjoy, and parents can feel good about?
  • What flavors do kids like?
  • What’s the size of the kids’ beverage market and what’s happening in the category?
  • Nutrition and formulation: What are parents looking for and avoiding in beverages targeting children?
  • Marketing and branding: How do you position a kids’ beverage brand?

Expert Panel

To wrap this session, Carla Saunders, Senior Marketing Manager, Cargill  will explore the global beverage trends influencing today’s consumers. She’ll reveal how trends such as clean label and sugar reduction are swaying parents’ purchase decisions and investigate the impact of COVID-19 on category growth, reviewing how select brands that target children have weathered the global crisis.

Key Learnings:

  • Consumers now place a greater emphasis on seeking food & beverages with health benefits
  • Not all sweeteners are equal in the eyes of the consumer and this is especially true for parents of young children
  • The beverage category continues to outperform total food and beverage, which could be indicative of how sustainable COVID-19 growth might be.

This interactive session will include polling questions and live Q&A.

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