2018 saw an engaging line up of speakers, we are working on the 2019 program. Our key themes:

The consumer panel: We ask parents and kids to tell us what they like, what they don’t like, and what they look for on a food label when they shop for food for their children

You are what your mother ate? Cutting edge research into maternal nutrition and epigenetics

The kids’ food market: What’s the size of the prize?

Yuck or yum? How are kids’ flavor preferences developed? (And can you get your kids to eat broccoli?)

Is the future of baby food fresh? More retailers are stocking baby food in the chiller, but how big is this market opportunity?

Brainfood for kids! What do kids’ developing brains need?

Formulating and marketing clean label, lower sugar, wholesome, nutritious and healthy food for kids: From HPP babyfood to dairy snacks, protein snacks, healthy beverages and nutritious – but fun – meals for kids

Building a kids’ food brand: Learn about branding, packaging design, marketing and advertising that appeals to to kids and their parents, in the retail and foodservice market