Raised Real

Trailblazer – Raised Real

Raised Real is a direct to consumer, ready-made, meal service for infants and toddlers. Our plant-based meals for kids are delivered in pre-portioned, ready to steam packages. Each Raised Real meal is made with superfood ingredients sourced from organic and sustainable farms. We curate a box that is perfect for your family, ship it to your home, and in 5 minutes you can have a healthy meal ready for your kid.

Unlike other baby and toddler products, Raised Real meals come in finger food form, allowing for flexibility at meal time. Puree it, mash it, finger food it. It’s up to you. They also arrive flash frozen so parents don’t have to worry about spoilage. Our meals are always ready.

We believe that no one should have to choose between convenience (or having the time) and quality. That’s why we had to start from scratch and re-invent baby and toddler foods. Parents are not interested in “better for you” products for their kids, they demand “good for you.” We are parents too, we understand how important this is. It is very personal.