We had an impressive and record number of entry submissions this year, and we would like to thank everyone who submitted their application.

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Food for Kids Trailblazers. They are Chum Fruit Bites, Good Feeding and Mission MightyMe.

The three 2020 Food for Kids Trailblazers will present their kid-focused innovations to our expert panel for feedback on their products, branding, go-to-market strategies and business models during our Innovation in Action… Meet the Trailblazers online broadcast on Wednesday, November 11 at 12pm CT.

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Expert Panel

The Food for Kids 2020 Trailblazers

Chum Fruit Bites

Chum Fruit Bites has the vision to reshape the confectionery industry with healthy, exciting and purposeful snacks for a new generation. The mission is to deliver the highest quality healthy snacks that are:

  • Good for you: Chum is 100% fruit, no added sugar, no preservatives, no colorants, is certified gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, paleo and vegan. The vast majority of fruit snacks in the market today are boiled up from concentrates and made in about 13 minutes with long industrial ingredient lists, high calorific content and limited nutritional value. Chum´s proprietary process takes over 12 hours as we slowly bake puréed fruit and gradually remove the water content, leaving all the goodness of fruit, vitamins, plant proteins, fibers and antioxidants. Each sachet contains the equivalent fruit of 2 small apples.
  • Good for the planet: Each flavor features an endangered animal with a binding on-pack pledge to give back 15% of profits to to help end the illegal wildlife trade. This reflects the founder’s passion for wildlife and shark conservation, which is where the name “Chum” comes from, which also means friend universally. Primary packaging is biodegradable and secondary packaging is from sustainable forestry sources

The Co-Founder of Chum Fruit Bites, Benjamin Bartley, will share his vision during the Innovation in Action… Meet the Trailblazers Session.

Visit the website:

Good Feeding

Good Feeding® is the start we all deserve. It provides parents and caregivers the support and guidance they need to establish healthy, happy eating habits that can stay with their children for life. It delivers on this via Go Well®, a nutritious chilled baby food subscription program that’s disruptive, scalable and convenient. The Good Feeding® online Resource Center is filled with science-backed, medically robust information, feeding tips and guidance. Its active engagement with healthcare professionals ensures the quality and authenticity of its advice.

The chilled weekly subscription Go Well® baby food delivers healthy, nutritionally-dense options direct to the customer’s door.

The Co-Founder & CEO of Good Feeding, Phil McGrath, will share his vision during the Innovation in Action… Meet the Trailblazers Session.

Visit the website:

Mission MightyMe

On a mission to end the food allergy epidemic, Mission MightyMe is a revolutionary food company founded by food allergy families and world-renowned pediatric allergist Dr. Gideon Lack. Dr. Lack’s groundbreaking LEAP Study, which found that most peanut allergies could be prevented by starting peanut foods in infancy, has changed pediatric feeding guidelines around the globe to encourage including peanuts and other common food allergens in babies’ diets. Mission MightyMe makes that deliciously simple. Based on Dr. Lack’s research, their first product – Proactive Peanut Puffs – delivers the recommended amount of peanut protein per week in a clean-label, organic puffed snack that dissolves quickly for babies and tastes delicious for big kids too.

The Co-Founders of Mission MightyMe, Catherine & JJ Jaxon, will share their vision during the Innovation in Action... Meet the Trailblazers Session.

Visit the website:

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