FoodNavigator-USA Summit 22: Futureproofing the Food System

November 15 - 17, 2022

Take a deep dive into trends & companies shaping the future of food.


FoodNavigator USA: Futureproofing the Food System
Digital Summit

November 15 - 17, 2022

The western diet – and the food system that underpins it – is becoming increasingly unsustainable, for the health of humans and the planet. So how do we futureproof the food system to deliver healthier, more sustainable products that nourish our bodies without destroying the environment? Put another way, how can the food industry stop being part of the problem, and become part of the solution?

The 2022 FoodNavigator-USA Summit will explore three themes over three days, November 15 will dive into Food Tech in Focus;  November 16 will focus on Food as Medicine and November 17 will explore The Circular Economy.

The FoodNavigator-USA team has broken each day down into two bite-sized 90-minute sessions featuring fireside chats and panel discussions with stakeholders from across the supply chain, from farm (or bioreactor) to fork, exploring topics from precision fermentation and meat- and dairy-alternatives, to food-as-medicine, upcycling and ‘climate-friendly’ claims.

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