The 2022 FoodNavigator-USA Digital Summit consisted of three category focused events.
Each session included dynamic presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions with stakeholders from across the supply chain.

Day One

FOOD TECH IN FOCUS: Sustainable Sourcing for Colors, Flavors, and Sweeteners; and plotting a future for dairy… without cows

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Our opening ‘ biosynthesis ’ panel explored where it makes sense to extract flavors, colors, sweeteners and bioactives from plants and where it might be more efficient - and sustainable – to use microbial fermentation, new cell-free approaches, or plant cell culture.

Our second panel – ‘ Dairy 2.0 ’ - explored developments in plant-based dairy and delve into the next generation of ‘animal-free dairy products.

FOOD TECH IN FOCUS: The Future of Meat

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Meat 2.0: With weaker than expected retail sales in the US alt-meat segment prompting some serious soul-searching, what does the future hold for meat alternatives, what will distinguish the winners from the losers in the category, and how do consumers feel about the next generation of meat, from fungi-based steaks to plant-based bacon? We also delved into the science and economics of cultivated (cell-cultured) meat

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Day Two

FOOD AS MEDICINE: Upgrading the Western Diet

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The western diet is wreaking havoc with our microbiome and our metabolic system, so how can we shift consumption patterns in a healthier direction, from produce prescriptions and personalized nutrition to integrating nutrition into the healthcare system?

FOOD AS MEDICINE: Hot & Emerging Functional Ingredients

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COVID-19 has accelerated interest in foods and beverages that support the immune system, with scores of brands now seeking to fortify their shots, beverages, and snacks with medicinal mushrooms, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, botanicals, and other functional ingredients claimed to support the body’s natural defenses. We explored what consumers are looking for, which ingredients brands are looking to, and which are fads vs sustainable trends.

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Day Three

THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY: What does Sustainable Sourcing Really Mean?

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Our first panel - the Climate Smart Roadmap - explored everything from ‘carbon-neutral’ and ‘sustainably-sourced’ claims to ‘climate-friendly,’ ‘regeneratively-farmed’ and ‘zero-waste.’ But how do industry buyers – and consumers – assess these claims, make meaningful comparisons between products in the same category, and stay alert to the ever-present threat of greenwashing?

Our second panel – on sustainable packaging – explored the progress the industry is making on reducing the environmental impact of food packaging.

THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Food Waste & Upcycling in Focus

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Our first session – on food waste – looked at how waste is generated at every level of the food supply chain, from produce that never makes it off the farm to byproducts of industrial food production and asks how food companies can reduce the waste they produce and divert waste from landfill to be reused, recycled, or composted.

Our final session explored the latest developments in upcycled foods and ingredients.

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